2018 Projects in the Works!

What's New

1/28/18 - Scarecrow Scare released in December 2017 - First New Set of Projections wrapping up soon!


2/9/18 - Yesterday, we discovered and old, abandoned, fairly large shed on the vast acres of CMStudios -- Excited! We'll be turning it into another studio!


2/10/18 - Back corner of the shed revealed concrete steps leading down to a big metal door. Locked. Trying to figure out a way to get in.


2/25/18 - 248 Days Until Halloween


Keeper's Crawl

Follow Ziggy through Keeper's Crawl this Halloween season! Click for a visit!!!

Ziggy & Shelly @ the swamp in Keeper's Crawl

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CMStudios' Fright Projections

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  • Scarecrow Scare Projection
  • Fire ‘n’ Bones Video Decoration
  • Hallowed Chaos Halloween Projection
  • Eyeball Halloween Projection
  • Grim Bones Halloween Projection